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The Mating Season

The Mating Season(1951)

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  • The Mating Season 1951 Moive

    • Rebecca Ledet
    • 7/12/19

    This is one of my favorite movies that I love to watch over and over, I know that TCM has shown this movie before, but have not seen it for a really long time at least 4 years or more. Please put it back in your line up or have it available for purchase. I have tried every straming service to watch it. Please Please start showing it again...

  • American Dream, American Gem

    • el debbo
    • 3/23/15

    What a beautiful movie. Humorous and poignant, plus excellent acting all-round. John Lund can do so much with just an eyebrow! Thelma Ritter portrays her usual lovable mutt, Gene Tierney startles with her beauty, Cora Witherspoon drips acid, Miriam Hopkins is on her absolute LAST nerve... If you think you've seen Larry Keating before, as Mr. Kalinger, Sr., you are right. He was a supporting actor in 6 films in '52 and 8 films in '51. I just watched "All My Sons" and am mentally comparing how Arthur Miller writes about the American Dream, and how Charles Brackett does it.For an evening movie that warms the cockles of my heart, I'll take Brackett.

  • The Mating Season

    • Pam
    • 11/27/14

    This is the best. You're gonna love it. The premise behind this movie is adorable. What else was she to do? She loved her son so much, she just couldn't not help him out. Loved, loved, loved this movie.

  • Funny, Smart, and Cute - a must see comedy

    • Classicmovieguydot com
    • 8/30/14

    Thelma Ritter in a starring role--and she makes her role one of the great classic comedies. Such a unique voice, mannerisms, and style make Thelma a joy to watch. This movie features a gorgeous Gene Tierney in one her more beautiful roles as a new wife to an under sensitive, brash young man who is trying to make his mark on the world.This movie is comedic genius and you will enjoy it from beginning to end. nothing goes as planned and you'll be happily entertained! the movie has a clever plot with a lot of twists and turns. Smart and funny!

  • August Under The Stars the Best

    • Maria
    • 8/22/14

    So happy TCM did't choose only glamorous stars for Summer Under T he Stars. I found a true gem The Mating Season, with Thelma Ritter while watching Summer Under The Stars. I love this movie because it speaks to the middle class. The acting by all was superb. Ritter should have won. I probably would never have seen this movie if it wasn't featured as a Thelma Ritter Movie.

  • Thelma is the cook's meow

    • andy
    • 8/21/14

    Thelma Ritter, John Lund, and Gene Tierney are the absolute best! And Miriam Hopkins at her catty best, as well. Don't you just love to hate her? This film is so much fun that two generations watched, laughed and booed the bad guys until the lovely end last night on TCM. Please show it again, soon! A feisty mother giving her all to protect her only child from the slightest embarrassment, even if it means pretending to be his cook and housekeeper. Loads of laughs!

  • The Mating Season

    • Elaine P. Dore
    • 2/8/14

    I just love this movie! When is it going to be available for purchase. You can't get quality entertainment like this anymore! John Lund is such a doll and Thelma Ritter is a hoot! If it's not available to buy then please put it on the movie rotation for those of us with DVRs.

  • Happy Ending despite major problems.

    • 1/16/14

    John Lund was paired with four A class stars, Olivia De Havilland, Jean Arthur, Marline Detrick, and Jean Tierney in this film. His talent matched his female opposites, but his career went sour. In this film, another two stars, his mother who runs a bankrupt hamburger joint, and his mother in law, from the upper class somehow manage to live in the same small apartment as the honeymooners. Lund, a commoner has his Boss's son as his rival, but his Boss falls for Lund's talented in her small practical ways mother. For those who enjoy stories where love conquers despite the disparate social class of the two, this film is a gem. Should be shown more often on TCM and a DVD should be made.

  • Greatest Romantic Comedy Ever

    • Cliff
    • 11/8/13

    I scan TCM every week like clockwork to check the schedule just to see if The Mating Season will be run again. I want to save it on my DVR. It has been a couple years since TCM has run this great classic! I don't understand why! Please TCM, run The Mating Season again!!

  • the mating season

    • sally steele
    • 9/12/13

    show it again, PLEASE! one of my favorites!

  • Mating Season

    • Kathy Pettit
    • 6/19/13

    I recently watched the "Mating Season" several times on my Roku and loved it. It was my "go to" movie when I was having a bad day (I love Thelma Ritter). Recently, it has been removed from Roku's movie queue, so I thought I would just purchase a copy of the DVD. It is not available!! Please have the DVD available or have it available again on the Roku (I believe through Amazon Prime's site).

  • The Mating Season

    • Elaine P. Dore
    • 5/30/13

    This is one of the best videos STILL NOT AVAILABLE on DVD!!! What's the holdup?


    • Cindylouwho
    • 1/11/13

    This movie is one of my favorites but tooooooooooooooooooo bad Is no for sale .WHY??

  • Romantic Comedy

    • Ruth Anne Garner
    • 9/8/12

    Love this movie. Hope it will be on DVD soon.

  • Great performance by Thelma Ritter

    • Woodsyb
    • 11/6/11

    This would a fairly standard 50's romantic comedy were it not for the amazing performance by Thelma Ritter and the lovely, light directing touch of Mitchel Liesen (sp?). Thelma is so good so often it's true, but here she is both heartbreaking and hysterical often within seconds of each other. The film has many of the problems late studio films of the 50's had: it's sexist, classist, has a weak, fairly unsympathetic and uncharismatic leading man, but all that is easily wiped away in the wake of Thelma's greatness. She is as good as an actress can be. Seriously stunning. Miriam Hopkins is good as is Gene Tierney. None of the men as good as the women. I want to see this film again and again and would buy a dvd in a second. PLEASE put it out PLEASE!!!!


    • jenjones
    • 9/23/11


  • Great Movie

    • Delores Anderson
    • 9/18/11

    This is a real great movie, I just love Thelma Ritter and I can't wait until this is on DVD. If you've never seen it you are really missing out. TMC please play it more often.


    • Jennifer Sheheen
    • 5/20/11


  • The Mating Season

    • Jennifer Sheheen
    • 5/20/11

    Please show The Mating Season soon and more often. Since it is not available in stores,you are my only hope to see it. Please show it soon. Jennifer Sheheen

  • The Mating Season

    • Jeanne
    • 8/17/10

    I love love love this movie. I give it 5 stars. I can't believe I missed it on August 14th Gene Tierney Day. Please play it again! I love any movie Thelma Ritter is in, she is the best character actress. Please have a Thelma Ritter Day! and put this movie out on DVD! Thank you.

  • The Mating Season

    • Beth
    • 8/3/10

    Everyone: You have to see this film... totally and absolutely adorable... so typical of the 1950'2 finest in clothes, decoration, attitude, with top rate direction and one of the most beautiful ladies ever born! A must see.

  • The Mating Game

    • Diane Cagle
    • 5/12/10

    Thelma Ritter is sensational in this movie. Please play it. I'd buy it on dvd. It is a great movie and just plain entertaining.Thanks, Diane C.


    • ALICE
    • 12/4/08

    One of the best movies ever. Everycast member is in top form. Mimiam Hopkins just about steels the show. She is so good, that this time she outshines the great Thelma Ritter.I would love to have the uncut version on VHS, or DVD, but so far no one is offering it yet.

  • Funny!!!

    • G
    • 6/5/08

    Just all round great movie. I love Gene,Thelma and Miriam.

  • Thelma Ritter leads a great cast at their best

    • Mary Kuhn
    • 1/7/08

    I love this movie! No-nonsense Thelma Ritter is only trying to help the newlyweds, and the inevitable mis-communication creates comic conflict. Laugh at Miriam Hopkins' breathless lines, "What do you expect me to say, that I'm glad to meet him? I don't want to be struck dead..." and be charmed by Gene Tierney's elegant warmth matched by Thelma Ritter's down-to-earth practical wisdom. I'm still trying to figure out why Gene Tierney would try to fix a broken refrigerator with a rolling pin, but I'll suspend logic and belief to enjoy this fifties romp, with an airtight story line driving directly to an ending that always satisfies.

  • Hilarious!

    • Tasha
    • 12/26/07

    This was one of the best comdey classics I have ever seen. It must be played more and offered on DVD. It would be a great gift idea for Silver Screen movie lovers. Too funny! ;->

  • get a clue

    • El
    • 12/25/07

    A great movie! To bad TCM gives such a terrible BRIEF synopsis....It is more of a THONG synopsis and an ill fitting one at that...a must see movie! Looking forward to a dvd for sale...Im in line to purchase!

  • Great Film

    • jeffrey
    • 12/25/07

    Wonderful viewing ,anyone with class should see this film.

  • Loads of fun

    • Lyn
    • 12/21/07

    Great movie.

  • Old pros Tierney,Ritter,Hopkins

    • Joe
    • 11/30/07


  • Smart Comedy

    • Jay
    • 7/16/07

    The whole cast did a great job. I don't know alot about Gene Tierney's work but she is amazingly beautiful. She was great. Thelma Ritter and Miriam Hopkins two old pros,. were great.

  • Great Ensemble Acting

    • Gene
    • 7/10/07

    I watch this yesterday WOW! Just all round great fun. Gene Tierney is so good, Hopkins is good, Ritter wonderful. What a great team.


    • james65
    • 5/22/07

    Great movie Gene Tierney wonderful, Thelma and Miriam were great. Great fun.

  • Screwball Heaven

    • Terry
    • 5/14/07

    Great screwball comedy loads of fun, Tierney,Ritter and Hopkins eat the scenery.

  • Lost Treasure

    • Arthur
    • 5/14/07

    What great lost treasure a wonderful cast.

  • Great Fun!

    • Buddy
    • 5/14/07

    Kudo's to everyone Gene Tierney, John Lund, Miriam Hopkins and of course Thelma Ritter.

  • Amazing Tierney,Ritter,Hopkins

    • lisa
    • 5/14/07

    Just a great movie.

  • Underrated Comedy of Manners

    • John
    • 5/14/07

    I am so glad this movie is getting the attention it deserves, When this movie i was released it was a big hit. It put the dir. Mitchell Leisen career back on line. Not to mention the cast the underrated Gene Tierney, John Lund, Miriam Hopkins and Thelma Ritters. Most crtics today consider this a lost gem which is finding a new life.

  • The Mating Season

    • Heather
    • 5/13/07

    This was a great movie.


    • gerard763
    • 3/26/07

    I had seen this delightful movie about 15 or 20 years ago, on late night was a work night or school nite I remember, and I couldn't turn it off. You either laugh til your stomach aches...or you cry at some touching moments also. Thelma Ritter has always blown me away...she was perfection and in the movie owns the screen every time she is on it. Gene Tierney is very good also. My grandmother was a cleaning lady in the Broadway Theatres and lived in Hell's Kitchen on Manhattan's West I knew a lot of women just like Ellen McNulty...LOVED THEM and loved this movie...WHEN OH WHEN IS IT COMING OUT ON DVD......

  • Wonderful movie!

    • Deborah
    • 3/26/07

    I am a well versed old movie buff and this was the first time I had seen this. It is truly an enjoyable movie with classic performances from great actors. Hope to see it played more often and released on video or DVD.

  • A wonderful surprise

    • Martha
    • 3/25/07

    I loved this movie. It was a surprise. Came home from church and turned to TCM while eating lunch. I wish I had taped it to watch again. Loved all players. Very well done as to tempo. Didn't miss a moment which is unusal because most movies bore me, but Gene Tierny and cast kept me spell bound. I have always been partial to John Lund. To Each His Own was a wonderful movie.


    • John Griffith
    • 3/2/07

    Truly a beautiful movie! A underrate rated comedy of manners. Not a weak link in the cast Tierney wonderful,Hopkins over the top, Ritter amazing. The direction top notch. I cannot say enough about this film.

  • A hidden gem!

    • David
    • 2/13/07

    What a wonderful surprise! The film was filled with classic character actors and it was genuinely FUNNY in a way that still holds up today. Thelma Ritter is just the perfect wise broad, isn't she? It was nice to see her in leading role. I also loved Gene Tierney and Miriam Hopkins as her oh so socially conscious mother. Not one dull moment.

  • Great Movie Great Movie

    • Mrs. Brown
    • 2/12/07

    We loved this movie. This was the first time to view this movie for us, and we really enjoyed it. We would very much like to see this movie again.

  • I loved it!

    • elaine
    • 2/5/07

    I loved this movie! It's funny, light and well acted. I would very much like to see this movie in DVD so I can watch it over and over again!

  • Very enjoyable movie with sense of humor

    • Michael
    • 2/3/07

    I'm surprised that this movie wasn't made on DVDs after watching it on TCM recently. It's very enjoyable. I loved this movie because of its sense of humor and showing awareness of what's important between different classes and morals that people today need to see as they might be lacking or not taught to make a better world. Thanks, TCM, for showing this movie with closed captioning. It gave me a chance to understand it better and enjoy watching it. I record it, so I can watch it again in the future as well as loaning it to my family or friends who wants to watch it.

  • very enjoyable!

    • Lila
    • 2/2/07

    I agree, excellent and entertaining movie -I too love Thelma Ritter and Gene Tierney's movies.

  • how delightful!!!

    • joan
    • 2/1/07

    what a great jewel....more like a diamond in the rough....sleeper, unknown but oh so I the only one that HAS TO HAVE that dress she wore to the, how I love those vintage outfits!!!

  • Great Movie

    • Debbie Crawford
    • 2/1/07

    Bob you were right this one slipped through the cracks, its an excellent and entertaining movie. I love Thelma Ritter, she was so good at becoming the one who stole the lines. Love her.Should be on DVD

  • What a great surprise !

    • Karen
    • 2/1/07

    What a splendid, way-above-average classic comedy with a perfect cast delivering a perfect script. I had never seen this film before, and I can't thank TMC enough for finally airing it. Every great word ever written about this film was true, and I truly hope it receives a DVD release soon.Thank you TCM !

  • Mating Season

    • Susie
    • 1/31/07

    Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you!!!for finally playing Mating Season.Did I remember to say Thank you?

  • Smart, sidesplitting and altogether wonderful!

    • loretta
    • 1/31/07

    Underrated comedy of manners starring the incomparable Thelma Ritter as a down-on-her-luck cook, ably backed up by John Lund as her upwardly mobile son and Gene Tierney as her socialite daughter-in-law. The screenplay is witty and warm, the plot twists hilarious and the ending satisfying. A real gem!

  • Gene Tierney and Thelma Ritter are at Their Best.

    • Ireta Clemons
    • 2/4/06

    This movie may not impress young people of today, but if watched with interest it could teach them a few lessons on how to treat others and how to show love in a very moral way. I have seen every movie Gene has been in and I love her skills as an actress.Any movie Thelma Ritter is in is always a movie I will watch.

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