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Meet the Boyfriend

Meet the Boyfriend(1937)

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In New York City, former truck driver Tony Page has become "America's Boyfriend" due to his radio show in which he sings love songs. His manager, J. Ardmore Potts, has assigned Wilbur Corrigan to "watchdog" Tony, who constantly escapes from Wilbur, once so he could help paint a billboard of his own face. Plagued by hordes of adoring female fans, Tony wants to lead the simple life, and insists on taking his girl friend, Swedish actress Vilma Vlare, on a bus for their date instead of taking a limousine. When Potts finds out that the relationship is serious, he gets Vilma an acting job in Hollywood to separate them, thereby maintaining Tony's status as a single man. After an argument with Potts over Vilma's transfer, Tony quits, but while in a taxi with Wilbur, is recognized by a fan, and is forced to escape onto a bus to elude a mob. He sits next to June Delaney, who is indifferent to his fame and helps him evade his fans. June is working undercover for her uncle Ned's insurance company in order to get evidence that the bus company which has hired her as a "shill" to attract customers, is hiring thugs to rob the buses in Chinatown in order to collect on insurance. Coincidentally, Potts buys a policy from Ned to protect him against Tony's possible marriage, and June assigns herself the task of keeping Tony single by dating him herself. In order to gain another "chance" meeting with Tony, June pretends to be a poverty-stricken singer hoping for an audition with Potts. Smitten by her, Tony insists on buying her a hot meal, finding her an apartment and helping her to get a job. With Tony's encouragement, June wins a singing contest, but Tony gives the prize to someone less fortunate and June's indifferent attitude to Tony soon turns to love. The head of the studio in Hollywood insists that Vilma marry Tony when he finds out that she is not a legal resident of the U.S. After Tony discovers June's ruse, he angrily agrees to marry Vilma, unaware she is in love with someone else. To keep him from marrying, however, June enlists Wilbur's help, and hires two slow-witted Texans, Oscar and Elmer, to pretend to kidnap her, hoping Tony will abandon Vilma to save her. Wilbur arranges for June to spend the weekend hiding at The Furnace Club, owned by his friend, gangster Big Dan, who also is head of the bus racket. Big Dan's sidekick Wilson recognizes June as the woman he hired to be a "shill" on their bus, and also as the woman who will be testifying against them in court on behalf of the insurance company. Big Dan and Wilson lock up June and the Texans for real, but not before Wilbur alerts Tony. Tony sneaks into the club and releases the hostages, and while Oscar and Elmer fend off the thugs, June and Tony attempt to mingle with the club's customers, and accidentally run onstage in the midst of a unique publicity campaign in which the nightclub is marrying couples. Tony and June go through with the impromptu marriage in order to stall Big Dan, and the police arrive in time to save them. Later, June offers to annul the marriage rather than have Ned pay the premium to Potts, but Tony is still in love with her and has a better idea. He reinstates his radio show with June, and soon they are America's singing sweethearts.