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Mr. & Mrs. North

Mr. & Mrs. North(1942)

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When publisher Gerald P. North returns to New York from a short business trip to Boston, his scatter-brained wife Pamela is late getting to the train station, then makes the weary Jerry stop at the apartment of a friend, inventor Louis Berex. Unknown to Jerry, Louis has been having an affair with Carol Brent and has asked Pam to convince Carol's husband to grant a divorce. When the Norths finally return home, Jerry finds an expensive gold compact that does not belong to Pam. Just then their friends, patent attorney Stuart Blanton, and Jane and Ben Wilson stop by. When Pam suddenly screams because she thinks a stranger has been in their apartment, Ben recognizes the compact and pockets it. Stuart and the Wilsons then leave, and a few moments later, Pam opens a closet and a body falls out. When Lieutenant Weigand and his partner, Mullins, investigate, Jerry tells them about finding the compact, but it is gone. Pam says that she moved it, then gives the departing policemen one of her own. Pam is about to tell Jerry why she did this when Arthur Talbot, a "Fowler Brush" salesman, knocks on the door. Jerry is in no mood to discuss brooms and tries to chase him away, until Talbot says that he came the day before and the man inside would not let him in. When Pam goes for the mail, she notices the card on their box is covered by one with the name "Blanton" on it. After carefully removing the card, she goes to a party at Stuart's and confronts him. He says he knows nothing about the card and advises Pam to take it to the police. Jerry then arrives and reveals that the body is that of Carol's husband. Hearing this, Jane faints, infuriating Ben. Meanwhile, Louis goes to Carol's place, but because the police are there, pretends that he is just a client paying his respects. When the police question Pam and Jerry again, they admit knowing Carol, but Pam says they never met Brent. The police then question Jerry's secretary, Mabel Harris, to corroborate his alibi for the afternoon of the murder and find an envelope in the office wastebasket, addressed to Brent from Pam. When they later question Stuart, his alibi, corroborated by his servant, Kumi, is that he was in the kitchen preparing a time-consuming lobster dish for a party and did not want to be disturbed. He also tells the police about the card on the letter box, thinking that Pam had already given it to them. The next day, Talbot goes to the district attorney's office to tell his story, but everyone thinks he is selling brushes and refuses to listen. Soon Ben is questioned, but reveals that he just found out Jane was having an affair with Brent. When Talbot finally gets to District Attorney George Heyler's office, Ben is leaving and Talbot recognizes him from the Norths' apartment. When Carol is questioned, Pam arrives and inadvertently reveals Carol's affair with Louis. After Pam leaves, Carol admits that she hated her cruel husband, but says he did not know about the affair. Later, Jerry is questioned by Weigand and Mullins, who reveal that his alibi is suspect. They then search his desk and find a note written by Pam, inviting Brent to their apartment on the afternoon of the murder. She says that Carol asked her to intercede, but Weigand thinks that Jerry murdered Brent out of jealousy, especially after Jerry reveals that he had met Brent briefly two years before. Just then, Heyler calls and says that Ben is the chief suspect because of Talbot's identification. By this time, Jerry really does think that Pam was having an affair and leaves the apartment. While Pam is sobbing in her room, a man sneaks into the apartment and hides in the closet. Then Mr. Barnes, the postman, arrives and tells Pam that on the afternoon of the murder, a friend of hers, someone whose name he does not know, came out of their apartment and that he had just seen that man again. Because the phone line has been cut, she goes next door to call the police and when she returns, Barnes's unconscious body falls out of the closet. At the police station, everyone believes that Jerry is the killer, but through Pam's ramblings, it is revealed that Stuart's alibi is phony because the lobster he served at his party was canned, not homemade. When she calls him a cheat, he starts to leave and takes his hat off the desk, not knowing that Pam brought it to the police after finding it at her place. It is finally revealed that Stuart killed Brent because Brent was going to charge him with defrauding him of $50,000. Finally, the police and the Norths share a friendly breakfast and promise to get together before the next murder.