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Navajo Kid

Navajo Kid(1945)

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After Indian agent Joseph A. Kirk is murdered during a holdup, Tom Kirk, better known as the Navajo Kid, is told by Dr. Cole, a family friend, that Kirk was not his real father. Cole tells Tom that, when he was an infant, his family was killed by Apache Indians, but he was spared and reared by friendly Navajo Indians. When Tom was five, Kirk became the Indian agent for Rock Springs and adopted Tom, who had been named White Bear by the Navajos, as his own son. Tom pledges to find Kirk's murderers, as well as his own, true identity. He goes to Canyon City, where he quickly runs afoul of the local sheriff, Roy Landon, who warns Tom not to take the law into his own hands. Later, when he sees his father's ring on the finger of gambler Honest John Grogan, Tom mistakenly accuses Grogan of killing his adopted father, unaware that Grogan had stolen the ring from Matt Crandall, one of actual murderers. While he sits in his jail cell, Grogan is shot and killed by Crandall after the gambler attempts to blackmail him. Later, Crandall and his two partners in crime, Bo Talley and Lee Hedges, attempt to ambush Tom as he rides into town, but he escapes the three killers only to be arrested by Landon for Grogan's murder. After his release from jail, Tom learns that Grogan was killed by the same type of buckshot that was fed to café owner Happy's jumping bullfrog, Hopalong. Realizing that Tom is on their trail, Talley attempts to kill Tom during a bar fight, but is himself killed. Despite all the witnesses in his favor, Tom is arrested by Landon, who insists that he stand trial. Knowing that Crandall and Hedges are leaving town, Happy helps Tom break out of jail. After escaping the sheriff's posse, Tom goes back to Canyon City to confront Crandall and Hedges. The two outlaws, however, head out of town as soon as Tom sees them, but they cannot leave the area until they can reclaim some government money they stole and placed in a Canyon City saloon's safe. Meanwhile, at the birthday party of Winifred McMasters, Landon discovers that Tom is his long-lost son, and he and Happy rush off to save Tom from the posse. Tom later captures Hedges, who tells him that Crandall killed his father while he and Talley robbed the Indian agent's safe. Tom then chases after Crandall, with the sheriff's posse in hot pursuit. Crandall returns to Canyon City to get his money, but is shot and seemingly killed by Tom in a gunfight. After Happy distracts him by telling him that Landon is his real father, however, Tom is then shot and wounded as he leaves the saloon. Crandall, whose life was spared when Tom's bullet hit Kirk's stolen watch, is then arrested for the murder of the Indian agent, while Tom and Landon are reunited.