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  • Great movie!

    • Jill B
    • 7/1/18

    I would love to see Rosie! on TCM and to purchase a copy. Rosie! Is a feel good movie that can make you cry.


    • 6/6/18

    I would love to see this on TCM. This is a movie I loved from my childhood of Saturday afternoons at my hometown movie theater. It is a fun comedy with Rosalind Russell and Sandra Dee. Brian Adhern plays her lawyer/love interest.I miss those movies that are just fun to watch. Hollywood used to make great pictures with wonderful stories, but not any more. Please give Ms. Russell her own day in August and show Rosie. TCM is still the very best network on TV!

  • Help get Rosie!

    • Patsy
    • 5/3/18

    I too have been searching for decades for this film on VHS and now DVD. I loved it as a young girl. Heck, I would just like to see it on TCM. Can anyone at TCM tell us why it is not available? I can't imagine why a Russell film would not be gettable.

  • Rosie!

    • el debbo
    • 4/14/18

    Knew nothing about this movie, started watching with an open mind, and in the first half-hour I thought, "Well, everyone needs to pay the bills." I doubted that I'd watch the whole thing. But it grew on me, and I'm so glad I stayed with it to the end. Real good, heartwarming movie with Roz Russell playing the empowered female once again. She was with Aherne in "What a Woman" and now, decades later, they are reunited in this little gem. Hooray!


    • Jessie
    • 2/25/18

    Rosalind Russell is the lead actor. Please put it on DVD!!! I have been looking for it for a long time.

  • Rosie, A Classic Film in More Ways Than One

    • Valerie Falzo
    • 2/25/18

    The film "Rosie" with Rosalind Russell is a wonderful film that I have searched everywhere for without success. It is quite sad because it is an extremely well done film. It is a film of comedy, romance, saddness & greed. However, its strongest point is the survival of a vivacious, generous & kind woman whose strength of character rises above it all. The supporting cast with Brian Aherne, Sandra Dee, Leslie Nielsen, Audrey Meadows, James Farentino & Vanessa Brown is outstanding as well. I truly hope that you will make this film available on DVD since it is very much worthy of the TCM stamp of approval. Valerie Falzo

  • Great Movie

    • greg
    • 1/5/17

    Loved this movie ever since I first saw it on TV in the late '60's as a kid growing up. Rosalind Russell's character Rosie remind me of a older cousin of my father who just happened to live in SoCal. Am pretty sure that this movie came out on VHS. I, too, would love it on DVD. Am beginning to wonder if this movie's print or negatives no longer exist and that is why it doesn't come out. It would be a tragedy if it is lost!

  • Waiting for so long.

    • Robin
    • 12/11/16

    Loved watching this movie as a child, teenager and adult. It is a clean, sweet, funny movie the whole family can watch. Really enjoyed Rosalind Russell and Sandra Dee in this classic. Will it ever be released on DVD?So tired of the movies they are making these days. I rarely go to the movie theater because of all the foul language, violence and sexual subject matter. Long for the days of the Light Romantic Comedies. I have purchased many of the old classics from the 40's,50's and 60's and re-watch them over and over. Would like this to be one of them.Please release this film

  • rosie

    • mlt
    • 4/8/15

    How many votes does it take to get a movie released. We have been waiting for Rosie for years... It's time to get this movie released. Ms. Russell is great. One of her best movies.

  • Rosie!

    • Denise Swink
    • 3/13/15

    Great Movie!Please put it on DVD!

  • The best

    • Sydney
    • 7/9/14

    I wish this movie was on DVD I love Rosalind Russell and this is one of my favorite movies of hers.

  • Rosie

    • Dave
    • 12/12/13

    I've been looking to buy this movie for many years on DVD I cannot believe it's not out there for sale with the all star cast and great story line! Haven't seen it since the 80's and it made a great impression on my life. Make this available on DVD. Thanks

  • Love Rosie

    • maureen
    • 10/17/13

    I have not seen this movie for years and just love it, as I love all of Rosilan Russells movies.She is funny and warm and sad all at the same time. A truly gifted actress. Please show this movie again. Fullfill your fans fondest wish.Thanks

  • Rosie needs DVD

    • Patsy
    • 6/8/13

    I have only seen Rosie one time in the very early 70's. It made such an impression I think of it every time I see Rosiland Russell. This needs to be seen by all.

  • Rosie

    • Kate
    • 3/17/13

    This movie is very entertaining and is rarely shown on television and had not been released on DVD. Please show the movie during you next Rosalind Russell festival. Thanks

  • Please release Rosie!!!

    • Beth
    • 3/1/13

    I have been looking for this movie for years !!! I sure wish they'd release it on DVD! I had a long list of movies I was waiting for, and they have ALL been released EXCEPT Rosie. I don't understand why ?? Rosalind Russell was a big star and Sandra Dee 's movies are popular as well.

  • Rosie starring Rosalind Russell and Sandra Dee

    • Kelly Bloch
    • 2/23/13

    Please release this movie on DVD. I have been looking for this movie for 2 years. One of my favorite movies of all time. Wonderful storyline, acting and heart!

  • Please release Rosie on DVD

    • Jerry McCrocklin
    • 1/8/13

    This one of the most intertaining movies I ever watched, I love Rosiland Russell and this was one of the best movies of all time. I have searched for it for years and this is the first time I have found anything pertaining to it. Please Please release it.

  • Rosie.

    • Cami
    • 12/26/12

    Can you please release "Rosie" on DVD? It's a great movie and I can't find it anywhere! Please!!!

  • Please release on dvd

    • Kenneth
    • 10/28/12

    This movie was the funniest movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please release on dvd.Thanks.

  • excellent!

    • steven narvaez
    • 3/23/12

    I just got through watching Russell's movies that were made in the later years, 1961 to 1971, I loved it!The only title that was missing was "ROSIE."Please show this film on TV, or offer it on DVD.It was like watching an old friend.

  • "Everybody loves my baby" - Rosie

    • Laurie Meckl
    • 3/20/12

    Rosie! is very high on my list of all-time favorite movies. It has everything - drama, romance with a generous dose of humor. It's "good for what ails you". This movie is timeless. It's just as relevant today as when it was first released. We all need a little Rosie! in our lives. Please help get this movie on DVD.

  • rosie

    • rita
    • 7/29/10

    I first saw the movie Rosie when I was about ten years old. I'm 50 years old now and I still remember how great the movie was. It's like one of those great books that you read and you never forget. I was surprised to see that it wasn't available in DVD. I wish TCM would consider airing it on t.v. I would love to see it again.

  • Love Rosie

    • marty
    • 7/12/10

    This is a great movie with comedy and a little bit of Drama - Rosalind Russell is playing an Auntie Mame character with so much charm and wit. This movies makes you feel good and is something that needs to be on dvd. Why TCM have you not played this movie yet ?

  • Rosie

    • Diana
    • 2/22/10

    This was always a favorite of mine. Rosalind Russell'scharacter in this movie was so much fun and if you likea good love story this is for you. It's a shame that a movieas good as this has been put away on a shelf.

  • Great Movie! Must See

    • Kim
    • 1/17/10

    I watched this movie many times. It is a great love story. Its fun and makes you laugh and cry. The movie shows that life doesn't end when you get older. Rosiland Russell is great as Rosie, she is full of life and makes you smile and cry for her. The plot of the story about her love of life and her children trying to steal her millions is just as relevant in todays world. The value of this movie is its portrayal of the classic 60's cinema.

  • Rosiland Russell's movie "Rosie" 1967

    • Linda
    • 12/28/09

    This is one of my all-time favorite movie. Please send me an email when this will run on Turner Classic Movie Channel. An excellentfilm. I would like to add this to my DVD collection....Thank you

  • This is a movie I would want my grandkids to see!

    • Lesley
    • 9/9/09

    I have liked this movies since I first saw it. With all the violence being put on DVD, this movie is good clean fun and something I would be proud to show to my grandkids. Please put this on DVD.

  • the best is rosie

    • ade
    • 9/14/08

    everyone needs a little 'rosie' in their life! i think this is one of here best comedic films. one i definately want in my permanent collection. DVD or die!

  • Rosie is my absolute favorite!

    • Nancy Maciel
    • 8/7/08

    "Rosie" needs to be released on DVD! It is such a great classic. A great plot and great actors. The movie is an all time classic!

  • I want ROSIE......

    • peter gabriel
    • 7/28/08

    Please feature this movie in your Rosalind Russell film fest. I paid $40.00 for a copy from canada and it was a lousy bootleg(beware of ebay!). This is one of her greatest roles in my opinion. You must be able to find it-so please share it with us. I am amazed it is not available on DVD-Please don't keep us waiting-everyone I know who has seen this movie loves it....

  • Rosalind Russell

    • Cindy
    • 7/20/08

    This month you are highlighting the work of Rosalind Russell and yet leave out one of her best roles as Rosie.The movie is entertaining and has a great plot.PLEASE PUT IT ON YOUR SCHEDULE.

  • I want Rosie!!

    • Joyce Rankin
    • 7/19/08

    Can't remember on what channel I saw this movie, but I think it is absolutely ridiculous that it is not available to purchase. AND, there is some flaw in the people who selected Russell's movies to be shown tis month that Rosie was not included. Roz Russell is as good in this movie as she is in any of her others, and I cannot understand why this movie is so often left out, as it's a wonderful movie with a lesson and Sandra Dee is delightful as Russell's granddaughter. This movie made me want a convertible so I could ride around with my scarf blowing out the window as Roz Rusell did demonstrating we are never too old to enjoy new things. I still don't have the convertible but who knows. before I die I may yet have it. Please try to show this film soon.

  • we need rosie!

    • ade
    • 6/15/08

    one of the very best! got to have it!

  • I want "Rosie" !!!

    • Lori
    • 4/5/08

    How crazy is it that this movie is not available? I ask you. What a wonderful movie and what a very good lesson within the movie in any day and age. Learning to detach from greed and develop more humanity, character, connection and depth. It's a period piece that desreves a comeback. Thank you!!!!

  • Where is Rosie???

    • Maxine
    • 1/18/08

    I also saw "Rosie" as a child. It is a wonderful movie. Rosalind at her best. It needs to be made available on DVD for all to see.

  • Get Rosie! on DVD

    • Andrea
    • 12/24/07

    I remember seeing this as part of a double feature with "Wait Until Dark". I wish it was on DVD or VHS. I taped it off The Family Channel over 10 years ago, but wish I had a letterboxed copy. Every time TCM features Rosalind Russell movies, I hope that it is playing.

  • Rosie Needs to be on DVD!

    • Gail
    • 11/8/07

    By reading the comments available here I see that I am not the only one that watched the movie entitled "Rosie" as a child. It sure would be nice if this movie was available on DVD! I would definitely purchase this movie!

  • Bring Rosie to DVD

    • Kathy
    • 10/29/07

    I also saw this movie when I was a child and have never forgotten it either. I have looked for this movie for years and can not find it anywhere. I would love to see it again and it would be even better if I could buy it on DVD so I could watch it whenever I wanted.

  • Bring Rosie to DVD!

    • Joel
    • 9/19/07

    I saw this movie when I was younger,but I never forgot it. Why isn't it out on DVD? I can't find it anywhere!Please Bring Rosie to DVD!

  • Bring Rosie to DVD

    • Lesley
    • 8/30/07

    I found this movie enchanting and entertaining. I loved it when I was a teenager and I love it now. Please bring this movie to DVD! My grandchildren and my children would love it.Thank you Lesley Warner

  • Rosie

    • Thomas Santamauro
    • 8/14/07

    This was a great movie that has been underated and overlooked for too long. Please run this movie on TMC and take off some the films that are run way to often and avoided by many people because they are repeated over and over again. You lose many viewers because of this practice.

  • A must own

    • Mona Tate
    • 2/26/07

    Without a single doubt I can say this is one of the most likeable movies you will ever see. Not to mention a good study on family relations and money. I have tried for years to find this movie and have had no luck. It isn't shown on TCM or AMC. If someone did show it I could possibly record it. Question --"Mother,what woman your age drive a Ferrari?" Answer --- "Mrs. Ferrari?" And that sums up the movie.

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