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Sailor's Lady

Sailor's Lady(1940)

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As the fleet is about to arrive, the sailors' sweethearts all crowd the beauty parlors. Sally Gilroy is especially nervous, as she is about to marry her sailor, Danny Malone, but her girl friends, Myrtle and Georgine, tell her there is nothing to worry about. Aboard the USS Dakota , meanwhile, Scrappy Wilson, Danny's best friend, is informed by the division officer that a court order has pulled his pay in lieu of back alimony. Scrappy, sour on marriage, plots with their friend, Goofer, to save Danny from a similar fate by slipping a fire nozzle in Danny's duffel bag. Discovered by Chief Mulcahy, Danny is arrested for stealing Navy property. On shore, Scrappy tells Sally that Danny will be in the brig for a month, but she insists he will get to shore somehow. Rodney, another sailor who is sweet on Sally, tries to convince her to drop Danny for him. Danny manages to get ashore on the next boat, and he and Sally go to their new house. Danny thinks the house is too expensive, but Sally has an even greater surprise: she has a baby. It seems a friend and her husband were killed in an automobile accident, and Sally has decided to adopt their baby, renaming her Margaret Lane "Skipper." Danny is none too keen on this "second-hand family," but Sally is insistent. Miss Purvis, their priggish neighbor, arrives, and tells Sally that she has been put in charge of "Skipper's" case by the juvenile court. The shore patrol then arrives, and arrests Danny for leaving ship with another sailor's pass. Sally goes to Danny's commander, Captain Roscoe and tells him that they are already married and Danny only came ashore to see his "sick child." At the mast, Roscoe not only dismisses the charges against Danny, but gives him a promotion. Back at their home, Danny arrives to find Rodney playing with "Skipper." A fight almost breaks out, but Father McGann arrives to cool things off. He suggests to Danny and Sally that they hold a party for Miss Purvis to get on her good side. Danny puts Scrappy in charge of the party, which goes well until Scrappy's friend, Barnacle, arrives. Barnacle starts a fight with Danny, which causes Miss Purvis to leave in hysterics. Sally breaks up with Danny, after which Rodney proposes to Sally, telling her she needs a husband in order to keep "Skipper." Sally agrees until Danny returns and they make up. When Danny learns of Rodney's proposal, a fight breaks out, which tears the house apart. Miss Purvis, seeing the fight, calls the shore patrol, and the two sailors are carted off. Realizing she is about to lose "Skipper," Sally gets aboard the Dakota and leaves the child in the chief's room. The fleet sets sail for naval war games as Sally is brought before the juvenile court by Miss Purvis for refusing to turn over the child. Aboard ship, "Skipper" is discovered with a tag stating she is the responsibility of "the First Division." Roscoe questions the sailors, and Danny tells the whole story. Danny, Scrappy and Goofer are put in charge of "Skipper" until the baby can be returned home. When the Dakota commences firing its guns, "Skipper" begins crying. The ship's doctor informs Roscoe he must stop firing or the baby may receive permanent injury. Roscoe, feeling his promotion to Real Admiral slipping away, stops firing, only to learn that "Skipper's" problem is a loose safety pin. However, Roscoe is congratulated by his superiors for the correct timing of his "cease fire." At the Church of Good Sheperd, Danny and Sally are finally married, and upon seeing Sally with "Skipper," one woman remarks, "About time."