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Shamrock Hill

Shamrock Hill(1949)

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Atop Shamrock Hill, in the front garden of an abandoned mansion, a group of children gather to listen to their friend, Eileen Rogan, telling fanciful fairy stories. When a police officer approaches, the children scatter, but Eileen refuses to leave the hill, which she considers her second home. Eileen is arrested for trespassing, and some time later, she is summoned to court. After the judge hears all the evidence, including Eileen's testimony that she has seen and spoken to leprechauns on Shamrock Hill, he decides to dismiss the charge. The plaintiff, Ralph Judson, who plans to build a television station on Shamrock Hill, instructs his lawyer, Oliver Mathews, to do what he can to keep Eileen off his property. Later, Oliver takes his sweetheart, Judson's daughter Carol, up to the hill, where Eileen is amusing the children with another story. As they listen, Carol sees an enchanted look on Oliver's face and becomes jealous. Later, Oliver decides that he cannot in good conscience remove Eileen from the hill and gives Judson his resignation. Later, Oliver goes to Eileen's home to have dinner with her father and grandmother. Then, Eileen's old friend and invited guest, electronics engineer Larry Hadden, arrives, but Eileen tells him to go away. The next day, Larry tells Eileen that Carol promised him a job working at the new television station. Eileen becomes angry and returns home, where her grandmother advises her to ask the leprechauns what she can do to save Shamrock Hill. Eileen returns to the hill, where her spirits are lifted by the leprechauns' encouragement. Later, she goes to Judson's office to plead her case and tells him that his television station would displace the leprechauns. Judson responds by jokingly issuing a challenge: If Eileen can persuade the leprechauns to perform a miracle, he will gladly select another site for his station. Eileen leaves feeling confident and happy, and some time later, returns to the hill. There, she is amazed that all the withered potted bushes and trees have been transformed into full bloom. Thrilled, Eileen rushes to Judson's office with the news of the miracle. When Judson, Carol and Larry scoff at her claim, she convinces them to come and witness it for themselves. They all go to the hill, and Judson is initially impressed. Moments later, however, he discovers a receipt for the sale of the plants lying on the ground. Hoping to preserve Eileen's faith in the leprechauns, Carol asks her father to forget about the receipt, and Oliver affectionately kisses her. Judson then tells Eileen that he has decided upon another site for his television station, and she thanks him. After Judson and Carol leave, a worker from the nursery arrives and begins speaking with Larry. Eileen then realizes that her "miracle" was actually a gift from Larry, for which she warmly embraces him.