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The Sound and the Fury

The Sound and the Fury(1959)

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  • sound/fury

    • kevin sellers
    • 11/6/15

    As a general rule, the more literary and interior a book, the worse the movie's gonna be. This is because such works are usually dependent on the richness, subtlety, and depth of their language, which is the hardest element of a book to transfer to the screen. As if proving this decree, we have William Faulkner's "The Sound And The Fury," which many critics consider the greatest American novel. And you could have bet the plantation that Martin Ritt's filmed version would be a mess. In a desperate, vain effort to "capture" Faulkner's combination of tall tale, Southern Gothic, interior monologue, and shifting between the present, the near past, and the deep past screenwriters Harriet Frank and Irving Ravetch provide overly expositional, melodramatic dialogue that no one under the sun would speak. And Martin Ritt's usually sure handed way with actors devolves into parody as Margaret Leighton channels Blanche, Joanne Woodward imitates Dorothy Malone in "Written On The Wind," and Yul Brynner is the King of Siam, plunked down in Mississippi, with a bad toupee. About the only member of the cast who retains a shred of acting dignity is Ethel Waters, who is woefully underused as Dilsey, the Compson family servant who, in the novel, was the glue that held this house of horrors together, rather than Yul Brynner's Jason, who was much more believable in the novel as an acquisitive Snopes in the making than as a benevolent dictator, which is how he's pictured in this carriage wreck (that's one step up from a car or train wreck) of a movie. Let's give it a C minus. P.S. Memo to previous reviewer Joyce: This is NOT the only time Yul B. was hirsute. Check out "The Bucaneers," De Mille's last film, where he plays Jean Lafitte.

  • If I could give it less than one star, I would

    • Mitch Farish
    • 11/2/15

    Neither this piece of garbage nor The Long Hot Summer resemble anything Faulkner ever wrote. But screenwriters Irving Ravetch and Harriet Frank, Jr. took great delight in turning Faulkner's novels into something that resembled parodies of Tennessee Williams. I'm horrified that this travesty is about to be part of TCM's southern writers feature. Instead of showing this dog, why couldn't TCM show Intruder in the Dust, the best movie made from a Faulkner novel, or The Story of Temple Drake, the best adaptation of Faulkner's Sanctuary? If you want to experience the best Faulkner on film, watch these and go to the library and checkout The Sound and the Fury, and read it instead of wasting two hours of your life you will never get back.

  • Incredible Film

    • Lacy
    • 8/8/15

    Saw this as a young girl with my mom. It really stood out in my mind as a wonderful Southern film similar to The Long Hot Summer, again with Johanne Woodward. I watch it every time I see it advetised.

  • Luv this movie!

    • Joyce
    • 3/14/15

    The Sound & The Fury- Yul Brenner Joanne Woodward Stewart Whitman. 1959 Wonderful view of late 1950s Deep South & of a formerly powerful family which has lost their statis in community. Yul even has hair unheard of, he is really sexy in this more so than any other movie & only movie he is seen with hair. I love this movie, enjoy watching it again & again. Wish TCM would play this.


    • 6/5/14


  • Awesome

    • Barbara
    • 2/22/14

    I first saw this movie as a young girl, I'm now 66 and still will watch it every chance I get, which is not enough. William Faulkner was a fantastic writer and its great to know that the Modern Library ranked The Sound and the Fury sixth on its list of the 100 best English-language novels of the 20th century. . I downloaded all the episodes from utube that I can find to try to get the whole move, but I would prefer to have the dvd, if I could ever find it. I recommend it very highly to any movie lover!

    • 2/22/14

  • The Sound and the Fury

    • Marcia Wright
    • 12/7/13

    There is something compelling about this film. I think it is the chemistry between Woodward and is so intense.

  • The Sound And The Fury

    • Vern
    • 11/17/13

    I remember watching this movie when I was 15 but I have never forgotten about this movie I would love to see it again and hope one day to have it on DVD that way I can watch it when ever I wanted.

  • The Sound and the Fury

    • Lady Di
    • 7/28/13

    Powerful story of lingering southern values...Yul Brynner was never better. Please schedule it and what about making Yul Brynner the Star of the month....Have loved Paul Henreid by the way....

  • The Sound and the Fury

    • Maisie Crowson
    • 7/10/13

    First saw this film on TV in late 60's, early 70's, both my mother and I thought a very powerful film. Saw it again on Australian TV in 1986/7? and totally capivated and recorded it on video.My all time favourite film which is really a great love story, although it may not seem obvious at the start. Jason is trying to protect Quentin and prevent her from making the same mistakes as her mother who ran off just after she was born. Quentin does have morals unlike Caddy and as she says, when she meets lusty Charlie Busch, she has principles and making love willy nilly is not one of them.At the opening sequence of the film Quentin says Jason has been her enemy for as long as she can remember. In the closing sequence of the film, she narrates her feelings about Jason saying "oh my dear friend, your're not through with me yet". Lovely. The film doesn't end with a prolonged kissing scene (a sexy one in the middle of the film) but a good ending anyway and I didn't want the film to end.

  • One of the classics!!

    • Suzy B
    • 4/26/13

    I remember this movie from forever! I loved it..Please show it soon, it's so wonderful!

  • The Sound And The Fury

    • Verna
    • 9/26/12

    Please show this movie again I watched it when I was a teenager and fell in love with it.

  • Tender intensity southern style

    • Betty
    • 8/20/11

    I was so glad to see The Sound and the Fury again. In my opinion it has one of the most incredibly sexy kisses in cinematic history because of everything leading up to it, and after all it was Yul Brynner (those lips those eyes) What a commanding presence Joanne Woodward also delivers a touching performance as a young girl searching for love. I could watch this movie again and again I especially the like the conversation between these two in the drug store towards the end of the movie I just knew that kiss was coming.

  • The Sound and the Fury

    • Bruce
    • 8/16/11

    One word: Powerful. Sums up this beyond 5 plus star movie.Can be summed up with the phrase: A study in human nature.Yul posses his same powerful trait, yet this time, one almostcan see a slight hint of softness, mixed with an uncanny wit,some premonition, to stand tall and do the right thing.Your so glad Joanne comes to her wits in the end. It is is a must see film. This is nostalgia at its best. Realism at every turn.


    • 5/12/11

    I found the movie to fall in the same ratings for me as the movie TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD. I have very few movies, that iI would love to watch over and over, but THE SOUND AND THE FURY

  • Please make a DVD available!

    • Patricia
    • 6/15/10

    I will never forget the power or the acting of this movie. It remains my favourite of all time!

  • The Sound and the Fury

    • Anne
    • 2/7/10

    Some movies are just simply good enough as they are...they don't need a sequel or a re-make. The Sound and the Fury is one of those. I remember the storyline well, but that look, on Quentins' face at the end scene, is just...delicious. If popular opinion matters, we're waiting for this wonderfully entetaining film to be made available; the new fans its' release is sure to generate will join its' old fans in a salute to two of Hollywoods' greatest stars: Yul Brunner, and Joanne Woodward.

  • Faulkner novel worth releasing on DVD

    • Sherry
    • 2/8/09

    I have been wanting a copy of this movie for years. I have never forgotten both Yul Brynner's and Joanne Woodward's performances. It has also been years since I have seen a screening of this movie anywhere. It would be great if TCM would schedule a screening in the near future.

  • Needs to be seen again and again

    • B. Sobel
    • 10/13/08

    Please reschedule The Sound and The Fury again. I have been waiting for this movie to come back for a very long time. It doesn't matter that the book and the movie's content are night and day. It is just a very good movie to watch.

  • replay of 1959 movie The sound and the fury.

    • richard stursa
    • 10/7/08

    hello, we receive tcm on comcast cable and have been watching for the movie The sound and the fury from 1959. wondering if you would be so kind as to show it again as my wife says it is one of her very favorite movies of all time. we will watch the tcm list of upcoming movies if you would be so kind to help. thanks so much, richard and carol

  • Want to see The Sound and the Fury on DVD

    • Maxine B Palmer
    • 4/5/07

    This is one of my all time favorite movies. I been looking for it on every DVD website ever since getting on the internet. I hope you have a way of emailing me to let me know if it is ever available.

  • The Sound and the Fury

    • joy
    • 11/25/06

    I loved the movie. Would love to see it again-How about showing it some time soon?

  • The Sound and the Fury. Pleeeeze!

    • pm
    • 6/22/06

    I loved this movie.Haven't seen it in years. Have come across many enquiries regarding same and have searched decades for it. What in the world happens to copies of a movie like this???? I just know there are probably dozens lying in some dusty heap somewhere! Please see if someone can dig it out for a devoted fan?P.M.

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