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Sunday in New York

Sunday in New York(1964)

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  • For the love of old cars

    • Rich
    • 1/24/20

    This is a fun little film and as others have pointed out it is nice to see the city and the apartment from 1963.I also think that old car buffs will enjoy seeing all of the cars that pass by on the streets of NY.

  • Sunday in New York

    • Albert Collins
    • 5/21/19

    I don't think the film is more "dated" than the 1930's and 1940's comedies were as Carol comments below.This film is just stale and boring. great classic comedies such as "It Happened One Night", "Ninochtka" are simply funny today.

  • Sunday in New York

    • Carol
    • 3/31/19

    This 1964 film feels more dated than many of the 40's and 50's.

  • Love that apartment!

    • Linda
    • 3/31/19

    Fun movie, great title song, but the best part is Cliff Robertson's apartment! That loft bedroom is so cool, I would love to live there. I wonder how much an apartment like that would cost today in New York?

  • Great movie

    • Jann Twardowski
    • 6/29/16

    I absolutely love this movie! It's an enjoyable older movie when life was simpler and more innocent. The cast is wonderful. And I don't know if that was filmed in a real apartment, but I loved it!I just hate that TCM doesn't show it very often. There are some of us who'd enjoy seeing it more!!

  • sunday in ny

    • kevin sellers
    • 6/30/15

    Likable and amusing. And sometimes that's just what you want. Give it a B. P.S. Wonder why director Peter Tewksbury didn't have more of a career? Guess he got waylaid by TV.

  • Best Romantic Comedy Ever...

    • Janice Smith
    • 7/31/13

    I never cease to laugh out loud at the absolute wonderfulness of Sunday in New York. Everyone in it is at their absolute comedic best and adorable. Tears of joy !!!

  • Sunday in New York

    • Aleida13
    • 7/22/12

    Great movie! Great writing and acting.

  • Sunday in New York (1963)

    • Dan Navarro
    • 11/26/11

    Produced on the cusp of the sexual revolution, "Sunday in New York" (1963) illustrates what happens when nice girl Eileen (Jane Fonda) meets a member of what she calls "the enemy sex" in Mike (Rod Taylor). He is sexually active, she's not, and for advice she turns to her brother Adam (Cliff Robertson in a winning performance). Adam, who's a tomcat, hypocritically advices his young sis that men marry "decent girls," not sexy trollops.A rain shower in New York soaks Eileen and Mike, so they run to Adam's apartment to dry off. As they wait for their clothes to dry, they lounge in borrowed bathrobes and Eileen decides to get Mike to seduce her. Mike is all for the idea until -- wait for it -- he discovers that the girl is a virgin. That word is not in the movie script, so Mike simply says he refuses to make love to a "beginner."The plot thickens when Russ Wilson (Robert Culp), an old boyfriend of Eileen's, shows up unannounced to declare his love for Eileen and propose to her. Seeing her lounging with another man, Russ assumes Mike is Adam, Eileen's brother. Later, the real Adam shows up and the comedy of errors gains steam. All ends well after several pratfalls by all the principals, and Mike and Eileen come to realize their true love for each other, on a rainy Sunday in New York.

  • Like A Stage Play

    • Barbie50
    • 5/22/11

    Lots of dialog and funny in a charming way, but really worth watching for the apartment. If you don't think all that's old will be new again, just take a look at these digs. It is so retro cool. This flick is fun and if you like interior design/decorating, watch for that reason alone.

  • Sunday in New York

    • Sue H.
    • 5/19/11

    Any movie Rod Taylor stars in is fine by me! Oh yea, and the movie is good too!! What a pleasant relief from the stress in today's times and everyday living. Thank you TCM:)

  • Sunday in New York

    • Christina
    • 12/21/10

    Wonderfully entertaining. A joy to watch and one of my favorites. A simply charming story and even sexy without the unneeded sex scenes. The sixties produced some of the best movies ever filmed. It would jump to the top of my purchase list for Christmas if it were available on DVD.

  • Sunday in New York

    • Shannon
    • 8/18/10

    This movie is charming, funny, and brilliant. It is full of the comedy that is sexy but not stuck on being crass. It is full of moral ideals that seem to be gone on my generation. It is great to watch on a rainy Sunday or any day in between. All and all, one has to love Jane Fonda with her chemistry between her and the leading man, one can almost feel the heat!

  • classic, charming, funny

    • Frannie
    • 8/12/10

    This will always be one of my favorite movies. Every scene is classic, charming, funny. The actors, music, storyline--all great. How did Any Wednesday make it to DVD before this?! I like that movie too (and there are similarities) but Jane Fonda is so much better in this. She's adorable, Rod Taylor is an absolute dream, and Robert Culp and Jim Backus are fabulous in their supporting roles.

  • sunday in new york

    • abby
    • 8/10/10

    Sunday in new york is cute and witty. Nothing huge, but it made me smile and jane fonda does a great performance.

  • Cute

    • Michelle
    • 6/27/10

    This film was actually better than I expected. In places it was cute and funny - overall it was light and fluffy - good for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

  • Terrific!

    • Marjorie Whitfield
    • 5/27/10

    I just Love this movie. As a native New Yorker this movie made my heart long for such a time as this. When women got dolled up and men wore suit and ties. What I love the most is they portrayed a New York that was bustling but not stressful! Simple and beautiful!

  • Sunday In New York (1963)

    • James Higgins
    • 4/4/10

    Rather typical of the sex farces from the 1960's. It is bolstered by some good performances from the leads (Jane Fonda, Cliff Robertson and Rod Taylor.) At times it seems a bit stagy and rehearsed. Nicely produced and the situations are amusing.

  • Sunday in New York Jane Fonda and Rod Taylor

    • Debbie Fisher
    • 1/2/10

    Is there anywhere I can buy this movie on dvd or blue-ray? I have had this movie on my dvr for over three years recorded on TCM. I would like some ideas and websites where this movie would be available. It is one of my favorite movies and I would like to have it in my movie library. Please keep this request and if something is found, let me know. Thank you Debbie

  • Can't wait to see again!!

    • Dee
    • 11/10/09

    Such a fun movie. Wish was on DVD.

  • So clever and entertaining!

    • R. Hulcher
    • 4/16/09

    It was a treat seeing this movie again! Thank you for showing it.For me, it was a reminder of how "things" used to be when I was young and innocent... My brother reacted in much the same manner as Robertson did when he discovered me kissing my boyfriend in his car, parked in front of our house! Loved the acting and the music was great.Hope it is available in DVD format soon.

  • Great Movie...Rarely Shown!

    • Linda
    • 3/29/09

    I was so happy to see this movie playing is one of my great favorites and I haven't seen it shown for YEARS. In fact, to have Sunday in New York and The Pleasure Seekers both shown on the same day was unbelievable to me. Since it is not out on DVD (wish they would hurry) I hope TCM will show it more often. Please!

  • Taylor and Robertson Aid Fonda in First Major Role

    • Dick Bloom
    • 3/29/09

    Though the characters and situations are similar in the two movies, Rod Taylor's performance in "Sunday in New York" is far more nuanced than it was in Hitchcock's "The Birds" and is really one of the few aspects of "Sunday in New York" worth watching. While in the context of her later performances and her public life it is hard to imagine Jane Fonda genuinely diffident or demure, we should remember that she played just such characters early in her career, as she does here with, I think, mixed results, though the film is considered her breakthrough role. She's just too sprayed and manicured to be soft and feminine, even after she dons a nightgown! Robertson is likable as her harassed airline pilot brother and (forget his name) is fun as her manic suitor from back home in Albany. All of the characterizations are a bit flat here; more about musical tastes (they are both music critics), spending habits, family, and education would have rendered the pairing off of Fonda and Taylor more plausible; for her part, Fonda might have portrayed a virgin's ambivalence more convincingly. This is not a great movie, not really even a good movie; were it not Fonda's first major role and for the presence of old pros Taylor and Robertson, it would not merit discussion at all.

  • A favorite for many years

    • Sally
    • 3/29/09

    Sunday in New York was my mom's favorite movie. She's been gone for almost 20 years now but every time I watch it I know she's there with me. Last night I was going thru my VHS movies and found a copy of SiNY that my mom had taped. I was so happy to find it I decided to watch it. Well it was an old copy and I couldn't see a thing. How funny that today I was skimming thru the channels and found it playing on TCM. I had missed the first 45 minutes but I didn't care. I was hoping if I got on line I would be able to purchase a copy. Well I can't at this time but I did VOTE!Please play this movie often, it so wonderful to see a light romantic comedy. There aren't many like this movie. Thank you again!

  • A wonderful light comedy

    • Dina
    • 2/23/09

    I first saw this movie last year on TCM and luckily I recorded it on my DVR, and I've watched it over and over. I only wish it was on DVD because this is a movie I would love to keep. It's a beautiful light comedy, the kind they no longer make. So this is a movie that deserves saving and Jane is simply delightful! Please please release it on DVD!!!

  • Keep this Movie Alive for Next Generations

    • Kim
    • 11/21/08

    I introduced this movie to my 3 daughters when they were young. I taped it off TV onto a VHS tape. Although it has gotten old and skips in places that never stopped my girls from borrowing it to watch with their sorority sisters in College. My oldest daughter, now married and expecting her own daughter in January is looking forward to one day watching it with her. Please do not let us forget fun shows like this to pass on to the next generation...We could all use a little light hearted viewing, especially in this day and age.

  • NY NY

    • Joel
    • 5/28/08

    This was actually a Broadway show with Robert Redford. Shot in NY locations and Fonda was good. Saw this as a child in the movies. Great title tune sung by Mel Torme. This was one of those 60's sex comedies that followed in the vein of 1959's Pillow Talk.

  • Such a great movie:

    • Julie
    • 4/21/08

    I've seen Sunday in New York once, on TCM, and it was one of the best movies I've ever seen! It's got great acting (you can't go wrong with Jane Fonda) and the plotline is really quite funny!Love it!

  • Solid Comedy

    • Allan
    • 3/26/08

    For anyone who enjoys the romantic comedies of the late 50's/early 60's, this will be a great viewing experience. Jane Fonda made a number of these films (Barefoot in the Park, Any Wednesday, etc.) before her Roger Vadim period and she is fine here. Rod Taylor is a bit stiff, but Cliff Robertson (who I normally think of as a more dramatic actor) is pretty hilarious as the brother with a pronounced double-standard when it comes to his sex life and that of his younger sister (Jane). As always, it's great to see the sites of New York as they were in an earlier era.

  • Brilliant Romantic Comedy

    • Aleida
    • 1/13/08

    I am very surprised that been a Romantic Comedy fanatic, I've never seen this movie before today. I've always love Rod Taylor, but after this movie, I adore him. Not to mention the rest of the actors. The reviews I have seen so far are excellent. I cannot understand why other mediogres movies are on DVD and this one has been ignored so far. A must

  • Sunday In New York

    • tracey c. smith
    • 1/5/08

    01 05 2008"Sunday In New York" had funny parts were Cliff Robertson calls Jo Morrow "Baby" and "Sweetheart." Cliff Robertson dressed well and he was looking handsome in his pilot uniform. Actor Robert Culp looked great in a long coat and a suit.Tracey C. Smith

  • Great Movie!!

    • Sarah
    • 9/23/06

    I absolutely love this movie! Its my favorite! Rod Taylor is just amazing!

  • Great movie!

    • Peg
    • 6/13/06

    Laughs ensue when a chance meeting on a Sunday in New York changes the course of the lives of a young woman (Jane Fonda) and man (Rod Taylor)who want to avoid each other but end up falling in love. Complicating things are the woman's fiance, her philandering pilot-brother's double-standard life and his girlfriend, and mistaken identities. Heartwarming and funny. Bravo!

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