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Terrors on Horseback

Terrors on Horseback(1946)

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Billy Carson hurries to Canyon City after he receives an urgent summons from his friend, Fuzzy Q. Jones. Upon learning that Fuzzy is not in trouble, but merely wants him to meet his niece Evelyn, who is arriving on the noon stagecoach, Billy is about to return home, when word comes that the stage has been attacked, and all the passengers have been killed. At the scene of the crime, Billy finds a shell from a .38 caliber gun and a discarded .45 caliber pistol. Back in town, the badly wounded driver reports to the sheriff that Buck, the leader of the gang, was tall and was riding a pinto horse. The sheriff later learns that the stage was carrying $40,000. Fuzzy vows to find the men who were responsible for his niece's death, and together with Billy, traces the men to Pecos City, a town controlled by gunmen. Before they arrive in Pecos City, Billy and Fuzzy chase after a rider on a pinto, who turns out to be Roxy, a singer at Grant Barlow's saloon. She tells them that the horse was rented from Ed Sperling's livery stable. While Billy and Fuzzy question Sperling at the saloon, a fight breaks out after a gambler loses $10,000. When Billy notices that the gambler is shooting a .38, he questions the man, who admits that a man named Ben Taggert forced him to join the holdup. Before the man can name the leader of the gang, however, he is shot. Billy and Fuzzy then travel to Red Post to talk to Taggert. On the way, they encounter deputy Jim Austin, and outline their plans to him. Later, alerted by Buck, two of Taggert's men capture Billy and Fuzzy and take them to a hideout. There Taggert blames the killings on Buck and a man named Luke Gordon. Billy and Fuzzy manage to break loose, and in the confusion, two of the three outlaws are killed by shots fired from outside the cabin. One of the outlaws tells Billy and Fuzzy where to find Gordon, but insists that he does not know anything about Buck. When Billy and Fuzzy finally find Gordon, he offers to give himself up. He then explains that Buck helped all the members of the gang escape from prison and did all the killing himself. Gordon adds that he was so sickened by the brutality of the attack that he threw his .45 caliber gun away. On the way back to Canyon City, Gordon is killed, but Billy pretends that he is still alive in order to set a trap for Buck. The trap works, and after Buck is captured, he is revealed to be Austin.