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Undercover Girl

Undercover Girl(1950)

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In Los Angeles, a dying informant tells police narcotics detective Mike Trent that a shipment of narcotics will be delivered from New York City, where local narcotics investigator Hank Miller is helping the smugglers. Meanwhile, in New York, Miller confronts Reed Menig, the head of the gang. Miller had accepted a $10,000 payoff, which he now returns, saying that he intends to arrest the gangsters. From outside, a member of the gang observes the confrontation, sneaks inside and knocks Miller unconscious. Menig then shoots him. In another part of the city, Miller's daughter Christine, a police trainee, meets her boyfriend, Jess Taylor, who does not approve of her career. After she learns of her father's death, Chris is questioned by Mike, who has flown to New York to investigate. When Mike discloses that Hank was under suspicion, Chris is outraged and begs to help him in order to clear her father's name. Mike is unwilling to involve Chris because she lacks police experience, but her supervisor, Captain Sadie Parker, convinces Trent that Chris would be the best person for the job. Chris flies to Los Angeles and, using the name Sal Willis, checks into a bungalow apartment adjoining Mike's. Mike shows her pictures of gang members Doc Holmes, nurse Pat Gibson, strong-arm man Tully, killer Collar, Moocher and Moocher's ex-girl friend, Babe Snell, and explains that the Holmes Clinic is the front for the smugglers. She is to pose as a drug buyer and work her way into Holmes's confidence, so as to discover the top man. After much coaching by Mike, Chris wins the confidence of former gang member Liz, who is now in a drug recovery clinic. Because the gang believes Liz to be dead, Chris plans to use her name to create credibility with Holmes's operation. Chris then checks into a cheap room in the same building as Babe. After catching the drunken woman in a compromising situation, Chris asks to meet with Moocher. Babe tries to arrange a meeting, but the angry and suspicious Moocher beats Babe, who falls through a window to her death. Chris then offers to help Moocher evade the police in exchange for arranging a meeting with Holmes. Holmes is skeptical of her story, but agrees to check further. Holmes, who is attracted to Chris, tells her about his son, whom he has sent away to school. Finally, Chris is introduced to Menig, who agrees to sell drugs to her. When Chris returns home, Jess is waiting for her. Moocher, who is lurking nearby, overhears Jess call her name and realizes that Chris is not who she pretends to be. He then tries to blackmail her. She offers to pay him to leave town but instead, calls Mike to pick him up. Moocher spots the police, however, and informs Holmes of Chris's duplicity. Fearful for his own life, Holmes arranges for Moocher to be killed. When his body is discovered, Mike realizes that Chris is in danger. Meanwhile, Chris threatens to reveal the whereabouts of Holmes's son unless he goes through with the deal. Holmes then discloses that Menig killed Hank and knowing that he will be arrested, writes a note to his son. When Menig and Tully, who have become wary, suggest a change in plans, Holmes leaves the note behind, where Pat discovers it. Meanwhile, Mike arranges a close watch on the clinic to protect Chris, but Tully escorts her to another location by way of a secret passage. Mike's men spot Pat leaving, and believing her to be Chris, follow her to Menig's hideout. After Pat shows Menig the letter, Tully kills Holmes. Chris takes advantage of the confusion to run, and while Menig stalks her, the police arrive. During the ensuing shootout, Tully is killed. Chris then pulls a gun on Menig, intending to avenge her father, but Mike, who has fallen in love with her, stops her from killing him. Now that the gang is under arrest, Chris and Mike seal their love with a kiss.