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Up in Arms

Up in Arms(1944)

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At work at the Manhattan Medical Building, hypochondriac elevator operator Danny Weems wreaks havoc by pestering the doctors for medicine and diagnosing all the patients with incurable diseases. Nurse Virginia Merrill tries to attract his attention, but he swoons over another nurse, Mary Morgan, not realizing that she only likes him platonically. That night, the three go on a double date with Danny's roommate, Joe Nelson, and during the evening, Virginia flirts with Danny, who fails to notice that Joe and Mary are falling in love. After the date, Danny learns that he has been drafted and, terrified of the health risks posed by Army life, begs Joe to plead his case at the draft board. When Joe does, howvever, he discovers that he, too, has been drafted, and that both must report to duty. Months later, during basic training, Danny and Joe see Virginia and Mary, now officer nurses in their battalion, but because of their different ranks, it is difficult for them to talk together. They steal away to a carnival, where Danny finds a booth that allows them to record their voices onto an album. Back at the base, fellow soldiers Blackie and Butterball tease Danny about his hypochondria, and Joe begins to fight them in defense of his friend. The brawl stops when they learn that they must sail to a base in the South Pacific in thirty minutes. Danny runs through the busy base to say goodbye to Mary, who is scheduled to stay behind, but when a sergeant almost catches them together, she hides in a supply truck, which is quickly loaded onto the boat. At sea, Mary dresses as a male soldier to avoid being caught on board, while Danny and Joe plan to smuggle her across the boat into the nurses' quarters, where Virginia is staying. Danny sings to distract the men, but Mary only makes it halfway. That night, Danny tries to lead her the rest of the way, but becomes lost, and they mistakenly enter the stateroom of the lead officer, Col. Ashley. Although Ashley sees them, they manage to escape back to Danny's troop's bunk, where Mary hides under his bed. Desperate, Danny then pretends it is morning so his bunkmates will wake and leave the room, and when all the men but Joe are gone, Danny watches as Mary rushes into Joe's arms. The next day, as everyone gossips about Danny's adventure with an unknown woman, a heartbroken Danny confesses everything to Ashley, who prepares to court-martial him. Virginia, thinking that a woman will receive less punishment than a man, tells Ashley that she is the woman in question, and that she snuck into Danny's room out of love and he only tried to protect her. When Ashley releases them both, Danny borrows Blackie's phonograph to play the record from the fair. Blackie catches him and knocks him out, and a semi-conscious Danny, while dreaming about Virginia, confesses to Ashley that he actually smuggled Mary through the boat. When the boat reaches the new base, Danny is put in the brig, but Japanese soldiers kidnap him and bring him to their general. Danny overpowers the general, and, after donning his uniform, inadvertently commands the Japanese soldiers to follow him into a large pit, where they are captured by the American soldiers. Now hailed as a hero, Danny embraces Virginia.