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We Go Fast

We Go Fast(1941)

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Rose Coughlin, a café waitress who dreams of a better life, good-naturedly fends off the attentions of blustery motorcycle policeman Herman Huff. One day, Herman is in the café paying court to Rose when a bum attempts a hold-up. Another drifter, Bob Brandon, foils the robbery but allows Herman to take credit. Rose is attracted to Bob and convinces him to stay in town, and he decides to become a motorcycle policeman. Bob coerces Herman to sponsor him by threatening to expose his real part in the robbery, and after Bob passes the test, Herman is forced to become the brash rookie's partner. Herman and Bob grudingly put up with each other as Bob continues his training and they both pursue Rose. During an afternoon patrol, Herman tickets Diana Hempstead, the daughter of influential businessman J. P. Hempstead, for driving 90 m.p.h. in a 45 m.p.h. zone. Diana is outraged and wheedles her father into attempting to get the ticket dismissed. Hempstead calls police commissioner Frank Futter, and Futter in turn tells his secretary and Herman's brother-in-law, Harold Bruggins, to retrieve the duplicate ticket from Herman so that the matter can be forgotten. City attorney Carberry, however, is on a safety drive against speeders, who caused over 100,000 accidents nationwide during the past year. Carberry obtains the duplicate ticket from Herman and brings Diana to trial. Her lawyer gets her off though, by pointing out that the speed limit sign does not say m.p.h., but only lists a number. The judge rules that the city's speed limit signs are invalid, and while the police appeal to the state supreme court, they are powerless to stop the speeders who are now racing throughout the city. Meanwhile, Bob and Herman are assigned to guard the visiting Nabob of Borria, who is looking for efficient refrigerators for his country. Bob induces Rose to help them show the Nabob a good time, and they all go out on the town. Bob grows jealous as Rose becomes enamoured of the sophisticated, rich Nabob, although she in turn becomes jealous of Diana when they are invited to a reception that Hempstead is hosting for the Nabob. The next morning, the Nabob agrees to buy 2,500 refrigerators from Hempstead if he gives him $50,000 in cash as an incentive. Hempstead is reluctant but gives the Nabob the money, after which the Nabob and Rose leave town. Hempstead then discovers that he has been dealing with an impostor and alerts the police. Bob finds out that the Nabob and Rose have left on the train, and succeeds in stopping it. Rose, who had believed that the Nabob was legitimate, is crushed to find out the truth, and Bob caustically implies that she is a gold digger. Eventually all is straightened out with the fake Nabob being sent to jail and Hempstead's money being returned. The state supreme court declares that the speed limit signs are legal and the police return to work. Bob and Rose have still not reconciled, but Herman soon persuades Rose to resume her old schedule of dating him one night and Bob the next.